Please read the following and plan to attend this important meeting on December 6, 7:30 at National Coney Island. This is also notification of a bylaw revision.


Status of the Michigan Whirlybirds

The balance in the club treasury has been steadily declining since its high in 2013. The balance for 2017 is right now $100 lower than at the end of 2016 - so things may have leveled off. We broke even on our fun fly this year, which is a better result than we expected. With this bit of encouraging news we would like to try to keep the Michigan Whirlybirds going for a while longer, but this will require some action on our part.

The next meeting

We have a proposal that may keep us operational for a while longer, but will require changes in how we operate. This proposal is a starting point for discussion at our next meeting, scheduled for December 6.

1.     Reduce dues to $10 per year, recognizing that we do not have a field of our own and in an attempt to encourage more new or returning members.

2.     Eliminate the "no dues" policy for seniors and club officers. Click HERE to review the bylaw changes.

3.     Try to limit expenditures to: AMA club charter ($40), Michigan non-profit license ($20), Web site ($150), Fun Fly expenses (assuming we can continue to break even or better).

We are not aware of any current club members utilizing the 23-mile road field and so will save money by discontinuing the AMA insurance on that field. If our analysis is incorrect, it is extremely important to let us know in the next meeting.

In our discussions and decision making, recall:


"The Purpose of the Michigan Whirlybirds  is the promotion, advancement, safety and enjoyment of the sport of radio controlled model helicopter flying in accordance with the guidelines of the  Academy of Model Aeronautics."



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